Eco-cotton reusable body & bath set picture
Eco-cotton reusable body & bath set picture
Eco-cotton reusable body & bath set picture
Eco-cotton reusable body & bath set picture

Eco-Cotton Reusable Body & Bath Set

R 200

Natural beauty begins with clean, carefree skin, and the Eco-Cotton Reusable Spa Set.  The cotton has a gentle exfoliating action that will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. 

Each item is made by hand.

Eco-cotton is sustainable and the finished product is durable, lasting for years.

At the end of their lifespan, simply toss them on the compost heap!


The reusable, washable Eco-Cotton Face scrubbies are a sustainable alternative to single-use cotton balls and pads. Use them with a natural facial cleanser, to wipe away makeup, dirt and excess oil. 


If you want a head-to-toe skin scrub that’s soft and luxurious, hygienic and eco-friendly, the Eco-Cotton Loafah will be your new favourite beauty find. Unlike ordinary mesh loafahs, which are made with scratchy synthetic polyester, the Eco-Cotton Loafah is handmade using 100% Eco-Cotton. It’s naturally antibacterial and long-lasting.


Pop your soap into this hand-woven Eco-Cotton bag and enjoy a sustainable scrub. 

The Soap Saver Bag is made using 100% Eco-Cotton. Great for making those leftover bits and pieces of soap last that much longer.

Kindly allow 2 weeks for delivery due to The Spa Set being handmade on order.

The Body & Bath Set consist of the following:-

  • 4 x Face Scrubbies
  • 1 x Soap Saver Bag
  • 1 x Loafah
  • 1 x Face Cloth

Available in colors:-

  • Blush Pink
  • Rose Pink
  • Natural / Cream
  • Stone
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
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